Complete printmaking system


A: Paper Registration System
B: Plate Carving Station
C: Stabilising Bench Hook

Ideal for
Design Transfer
Plate Carving
Hand Printing
Offset print transfer

Make Prints Safely, Easily, Accurately and Quickly!

How it works

Hook the V-Board onto a desk
Hook onto desk
Carve the plate, safe and secure
Carve at any angle!

Align the inked plate and paper
Align plate & paper
Hand print with a baren - easy!
Hand print, it's easy!

The Williamson V-Board

Printmaker’s Utility Board

That combines the functions of a bench hook with a Hand Printing Station.
Designed by Printmakers, the V-Board solves most of the obstacles that frustrate artists when making relief prints.
Using a Williamson V-Board Printmaking becomes easy, fast and accurate. The V-Board provides :- Safe and Accurate Plate Carving that is achieved by having an integral bench hook and a unique two point plate support system that allows the plate to be carved at any angle without strain or risk of injury.
An Accurate and Simple Registration System which locks in the relationship between the Plate and Printing Paper and removes the need for Hand made registration sheets that are time-consuming and tend to be inaccurate. The Registration System allows Design Transfer, Offset Printing and Hand Printing to be done easily and efficiently.
Multi-plate printing is made accessible to every Printmaker.

Product Range

Size 350×280 mm Weight 500 gms
Recommended for working plates up to 15x20cm or approximately A5 size.
Available in Left and Right handed versions.
RRP $60.00

Size 600×450 mm Weight 1.00 kg
Recommended for working plates up to 30x40cm or approximately A3 size.
Also available in Left and Right hand models.
RRP $90.00

Instruction Manuals included with each board


from practising linocut artists

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